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Florida has taken certain measures to ensure the elderly who are legally deemed mentally incompetent are not taken advantage of by their guardians. The Elder Exploitation Statute (Florida Statute section 415.1111), allows vulnerable adults to take civil action to seek attorney fees, damages, and punitive damages when they have been financially exploited. For the best possible outcome to this type of legal issue, its important you seek the help of an experienced Tampa guardian exploitation attorney to litigate your interests.

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What Is Exploitation?

Exploitation is when a trusted person or confidant knowingly deprives another of property or money. The statute mentioned above covers a large range of conduct that could be considered exploitation. If an adult is dependent upon another for care, advice, or any other fiduciary role, and that person takes real or financial property from them, they are committing an act of exploitation.

If you are a vulnerable adult or someone close to a vulnerable adult who believes their guardian is exploiting them, you can seek an injunction to:

  • Prevent the guardian from contacting you (or the vulnerable adult)
  • Freeze assets or lines of credit to prevent the guardian from taking more assets
  • Seek a restraining order or other protective measures

Guardianship Litigation

To help ensure you or your loved one is protected from exploitation, you may need to take your case to trial. With the help of an experienced Tampa guardianship exploitation lawyer, you can trust that your case will be aggressively litigated and presented to the court. You can rely on an attorney who practices this area of law to work with you to ensure the situation is properly represented and to ensure you receive a positive outcome to your case.

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