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Like all investments your home needs to be managed. This maintenance includes repairs to the interior or exterior of the home, lawn care and landscaping, and additions like a swimming pool or porch. When this maintenance is being performed, we often hire subcontractors to make the modifications relying on reviews or recommendations to choose the best company for the job. Unfortunately, not all subcontractors live up to their promises. At Devolder Law Firm, our Tampa home improvement and repair lawyers will help you seek appropriate compensation for when work goes wrong.

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When to Begin a Legal Action

When a subcontractor offers to perform work on your home, you accept their proposal, and you agree to pay for their services, a legally binding contract is formed. Even if the contract is not reduced to writing, in the eyes of the court they are bound to perform the services and you are required to pay them. At times there are subcontracts who require payment in full up front, perform inadequate or incomplete services, and then abandon the job. When this happens, homeowners often end up paying more than the improvement should have cost in the first place. Not only does the improvement need to be completed but poor-quality work must now be repaired. Often homeowners just eat the extra cost because the idea of recouping their damages seem complex or is thought to be expensive. However, this is not always true.

At the Devolder Law Firm, our Tampa home improvement and repair attorney will pursue subcontracts that perform shoddy work and help you receive the money for which you are entitled. We are here to protect families and their assets. For most people their biggest asset is their home. We take cases for both large and small improvements and repairs. We will send a demand letter to the subcontractor, initiate negotiation and mediation, and if necessary, represent you in court.

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Don’t let a subcontract get away with five-star promises and one-star work. Contact the Devolder Law Firm for a consultation and let us help you protect what matters most.

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